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The possession of up-to-date customer information is vital when trading on credit terms. In the event your customer fails to pay on time and the contact information you hold is incorrect, the debt recovery process can become an arduous and challenging task.


Whether you’re about to offer credit to a potential customer or your business is struggling to find a debtor, Lackfords Debt Recovery’s debtor tracing services could be a valuable resource. We provide in-house services as well as partner with leading UK tracing agents, to assist at any stage of the order-to-collections process and provide our clients with detailed and factual reports.

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Your debtor tracing options


Credit checks
Before offering credit to a company, it’s important to credit check them to assess their creditworthiness. These checks look at their credit score and whether there is any adverse information such as County Court Judgments in place against them.


Debtor Tracing
We employ a number of tracing methods including checking the Electoral Roll and Land Registry.  We will confirm if any adverse information is present on the Insolvency Register or London Gazette, and conduct telephone checks as well as using social media and other internet searching techniques.


Employment trace
Having an employment verification search carried out enables you to make an accurate and informed decision as to what your next recovery steps are to be. Often making your subject aware that you have had their employment status confirmed is enough for them to engage with you and begin making payments.


Tenant Tracing
Tenants can often disappear without paying rent and in some cases properties are damaged, leaving housing associations and landlords to cover the costs. Knowing where your subject has moved to and having a confirmed address is essential so that you can re-engage with them and agree a payment plan.


Pre-sue reports
We can provide an in-depth and comprehensive pre-sue report which includes an expanded list of statuses and services. For further information please contact us below.

Our professional debt recovery team confidently provides bespoke solutions for our clients, no matter how big or small...


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With a professional, transparent and honest approach we will:

  • Tailor our activity to each individual debt to maximise results

  • Work quickly to recover all debts whilst being mindful of your customer relationships

  • Escalate invoices to legal recovery, if necessary

  • Only charge you when we successfully collect your debt

15 years of successful debt recovery and credit management

Our professional debt recovery team confidently provides bespoke solutions for our clients, no matter how big or small. That’s just one reason why we’re regarded as one of the top debt collection and credit management companies in the UK.


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